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If you're ever in a situation where you have a flat tire, don't panic! Our team at Paterson Towing Service is here to help. We provide flat tire repair and roadside assistance services to drivers in and around the Paterson area.

We know that having a flat tire can be frustrating and inconvenient, so we work quickly to get you back on the road. We'll swap out your flat tire for your spare, or if you don't have a spare available we'll tow your car to the nearest service station.

Our team is experienced and knowledgeable, and we're always here to help. If you need flat tire repair or roadside assistance, don't hesitate to call us at (862) 465-8982 and we'll be happy to assist you!

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What to do if I get a flat tire?

When you have a flat tire, there are two main options for fixing it: repairing the flat on the roadside or swapping out the flat for the spare.

Both options have their own set of pros and cons, so it can be difficult to decide which is the best option for you. Here is a breakdown of each option so you can make an informed decision.

If you choose to repair the flat on the roadside you will need to have a few supplies with you. These include a pump, a spare tube, tire levers, and a patch kit. The pros of this option are that it is relatively easy and cheap to do, and it can be done without any special tools.

The cons are that it can be difficult to fix a flat in a hurry, and it can be dangerous to do if you are not familiar with how to do it.

If you choose to swap out the flat for the spare, you will need to have a jack and a lug wrench. The pros of this option are that it is easy to do and it is relatively safe. The cons are that it can be time-consuming, and it can be difficult to do if you are not familiar with how to use the jack and lug wrench.

Ultimately, the best option for you depends on your own personal preferences and abilities. If you feel confident repairing a flat on the roadside, go for it! If not, swapping out the flat for the spare is always a good option.

Call your reliable local tire swap-out service

Well, it depends on how flat the flat tire is. If there's enough air in the flat tire to allow you to drive a few miles to the nearest service station or tow company, then that's what we'd recommend that you do. However, if your flat tire has been punctured and is leaking air very quickly, then it may be time to call Paterson Towing Service for roadside assistance.

If this is an emergency, contact us at (862) 465-8982.

You can also request a flat tire repair by filling out our quick contact form and we'll get right over to you. Once this is done, one of our flat tire repair specialists will come out to you and get to fixing your tire ASAP. 

Our mechanics will examine your flat tire to determine what caused it and how they can help. 

Sometimes, flat tires are the result of a cut or hole in the sidewall that will need to be sealed. Other times, it's simply wear and tear on the treads.

Common flat tire repair procedures include plugging punctures with specialized tire plugs (which typically requires removing your flat tire), patching larger holes with rubber cement (which typically requires removing your flat tire).

Repairing tread damage by sanding down the area where there is too much exposure to excessive heat or air pressure leaks, or adjusting/tightening bolts that have loosened over time.

Once our flat tire repair technicians have restored your flat tire back to its original shape and size, we'll put it back on your vehicle so you can get back on the road again.

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